Brampton Royals 22U Coach Application is Now Open

All applications must be submitted by 9:00 pm, September 25, 2022

Program Information:

Our 22U team(s) will play in the COBA league. The COBA league schedule consists of approximately 20 games, over a 14-week period starting early May ending early August. The 22U team(s) will also be expected to play exhibition games throughout the season to compliment this schedule and provide additional playing time for its players.
The 22U team(s) will play in 2-3 local tournaments, and then participate in the Baseball Ontario Eliminations Tournament to play for a chance at the National Championship (Location TBD).
The team(s) will have a full field practice once per week during the season from May to August. It is encouraged to schedule additional practice time based on scheduling availability. During the off-season, the 22U program will offer some indoor sessions at the BMBI owned Upper Deck Baseball Academy indoor facility for players that are available.

Interview Process
Interviews may be requested by the Coaching Selection Committee. The selection committee reserves the right to refuse any coach or application.

Special Note to Applicant: All Coaches, Managers and Staff must have achieved a minimum of N.C.C.P. level needed to coach at the Elimination tournaments and national championships by March 31, 2023. Consideration may be given to applicants who indicate intent to acquire the appropriate coaching certification. Applicants must not be under any suspension from any association in North America. Coaches, Managers and staff will require a background check, if a recent one is not already on file with BMBI.

If interested please click the link below to complete the application process: